Bad habits? Not I !

Wake up to a new You !

So, who are you ?

To begin with, we established that anybody whose heart is beating is alive. You and me are both alive- we are living beings. Out of the millions of species, 8.7 million to be precise, of living things, we are humans. So, the next level of established identity is that we are human beings. Then we... Continue Reading →

Hoping on to the digital bandwagon …

To keep up with the changing times, it is imperative for India to improve its online infrastructure and increase Internet connectivity. It must also plan to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks. Black Comedy - Free Basics | There were no rains, but there was digital equality. The above movie is humorous critique of what... Continue Reading →

Searching for a meaning of life ?

So, the entire world is on a quest. A quest to search a purpose of life. Also, called as finding meaning, having a vision and so on. Basically, they say , "begin with why". Why are you here? Were you sent here to do something specific? Are you doing that ? How do you find... Continue Reading →

When self -awareness talks…

She had been on a strict diet for the past 34 days. Yes, she remembered the exact number. This was serious business. She had been put off the weight only slightly. Two and a half kilograms to be precise. Her nutritionist suggested they try a different diet this month, " It could bring better results",... Continue Reading →

Habits maketh a Man!

All activities that we repeat everyday, to the point of going on an auto mode, are our habits. Waking up at a certain time, brushing a certain way, having tea with just that much sugar are all our habits that we have let ourselves acquire over a period of time. As we age, we become... Continue Reading →

Practice Awareness: Shine in life

Awareness is a wonderful tool to improve your life by leaps and bounds. Awareness leads to a conscious way of living in which, before saying yes to something or someone, we will probably take a moment to consider the effects of our decision on our life as well as those affected by it. “If, then,... Continue Reading →

Food for thought …

With the weekend around, I would like to share two videos that caught my attention this week. The first one is one of sheer beauty and innocence of a lovely child. It epitomizes the true nature of life that God/ Nature/ Universe, whatever you may want to name it, bestowed on us. Nature's gift... Continue Reading →

What is wisdom ?

Does being wise mean always doing the right thing at the right time? Or does wisdom mean to say "no" to something that violates our values and integrity? Wisdom is something that centers us in such a way that there is always a balance between what we "think and feel" is right and what we... Continue Reading →

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