Hope keeps us going

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

11 lessons I learnt in the 1st month of blogging

I'm not much of a tracker myself. I cannot remember birthdays, important milestones or occasions. About 6 birthdays of near ones and I would call that enough! But this one is special. Let me explore why? There are two major skills involved in blogging - writing and use of technology. Writing - I haven't done... Continue Reading →

Compassion is the most beautiful language

Most of the languages are associated with words and speaking. But there is a language spoken from the heart, understood by the eyes and felt in the way we lead our lives. “Compassion is the basis of morality.” ― Arthur Schopenhauer The language of compassion is one of the most sensitive and beautiful language that one can... Continue Reading →

Meaning of life : In service to others

How confused we all are. Life is so precious, they say, and we are whiling it away watching television. Okay, maybe not just that but many other things. Mundane things if I may say. Earning money, spending money, and all the things in between. A major discussion seems to be going on- whether we should... Continue Reading →

Choice is always binary!

She happened to visit her friend, Dolly, at a top, multi-specialty hospital yesterday. Dolly was frantic when she had called in the morning, "Mummy is not well. Her old cancer seems to have surfaced again. I don't know what to do ?". Being the elder of the two siblings, her brother looked up to her... Continue Reading →

Searching for a meaning of life ?

So, the entire world is on a quest. A quest to search a purpose of life. Also, called as finding meaning, having a vision and so on. Basically, they say , "begin with why". Why are you here? Were you sent here to do something specific? Are you doing that ? How do you find... Continue Reading →

Practice Awareness: Shine in life

Awareness is a wonderful tool to improve your life by leaps and bounds. Awareness leads to a conscious way of living in which, before saying yes to something or someone, we will probably take a moment to consider the effects of our decision on our life as well as those affected by it. “If, then,... Continue Reading →

Food for thought …

With the weekend around, I would like to share two videos that caught my attention this week. The first one is one of sheer beauty and innocence of a lovely child. It epitomizes the true nature of life that God/ Nature/ Universe, whatever you may want to name it, bestowed on us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQbe0Anc_5Y Nature's gift... Continue Reading →

What is wisdom ?

Does being wise mean always doing the right thing at the right time? Or does wisdom mean to say "no" to something that violates our values and integrity? Wisdom is something that centers us in such a way that there is always a balance between what we "think and feel" is right and what we... Continue Reading →

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