Habits maketh a Man!

All activities that we repeat everyday, to the point of going on an auto mode, are our habits. Waking up at a certain time, brushing a certain way, having tea with just that much sugar are all our habits that we have let ourselves acquire over a period of time. As we age, we become... Continue Reading →

Practice Awareness: Shine in life

Awareness is a wonderful tool to improve your life by leaps and bounds. Awareness leads to a conscious way of living in which, before saying yes to something or someone, we will probably take a moment to consider the effects of our decision on our life as well as those affected by it. “If, then,... Continue Reading →

Food for thought …

With the weekend around, I would like to share two videos that caught my attention this week. The first one is one of sheer beauty and innocence of a lovely child. It epitomizes the true nature of life that God/ Nature/ Universe, whatever you may want to name it, bestowed on us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQbe0Anc_5Y Nature's gift... Continue Reading →

Does happiness elude you ?

The driver was absent today. He never takes an off on Sundays as he knows I have to step out.  "Something urgent must have come up", I wondered sitting in my uber. It was a hot day. I was about to tell the driver to increase the AC but  I checked , it was on... Continue Reading →

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