Meaning of life:In Pursuit of Passion

When I read his book- Surely you’re joking Mr Feynman last year, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make out a thing from it. First, it is a book about a theoretical physicist who has won the Nobel prize for Physics in 1965 and second, a book about science scared me. It was lost even before I began reading the book.

But this man surprised me. I was to witness what passion could bring to one’s work and how humble and simple one can remain, even after winning the Nobel Prize.

8 Interesting facts about Sir Richard Feynman-

Early beginner– He began experimenting at home from an early age of 11-12 years. His raw materials were simple, inexpensive and even bought second hand. He loved radios and tried to fix them for their simple problems and even got a name for himself and earned some money out of it!

In pursuit of Passion-He was aware of his passion – Physics. No matter what he did and where he went, he always came back to his first love which was Physics. It was the center of his being and the reason for his happiness .

Feynman Lecture Series

Curiosity at its best– When he encountered a situation he couldn’t explain, Dr Feynman had to find a solution to the problem. It was the way he was made. No matter the usefulness of the task at hand, if it intrigued him ,an explanation had to be found. To him, it was like solving a puzzle.

Open to adventure at all times– He traveled to new places, enrolled for new subjects to study such as Biology, learnt to play musical instruments such as drums. 

Question everything– Dr Feynman learnt to always cross check results of the previously conducted experiments and never to rely on the opinions of the so called ‘experts’.Also, in his own experiments,he questioned and worried about various outcomes even he was pretty sure about the results himself.

Mischievous – He got himself the reputation of a a safe cracker when all he did was some smart observations and calculated guesses! There were many such instances in which he smartly paved a way out.

Scientific Integrity- Dr Feynman believed that it was a the responsibility of a scientist to share correct information about his work not only to the scientific community as a whole but also with the layman. He wished that there shouldn’t be any pressures to do against what was right.

At the Manhattan Project

Associated with the making of the Atom Bomb– He was invited to be an integral part of the Manhattan Project which was dedicated to make the Atom Bomb.

Explore his books for further read

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