11 lessons I learnt in the 1st month of blogging

I’m not much of a tracker myself. I cannot remember birthdays, important milestones or occasions. About 6 birthdays of near ones and I would call that enough! But this one is special. Let me explore why?

There are two major skills involved in blogging – writing and use of technology. Writing – I haven’t done much except for essays and book reviews. So, I had no idea how my writing would look and sound – even to me. It was scary, no doubt! Technology – The sound of the word paralyzes me. I agree I live in the times of Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, but I don’t think I have made great effort or progress in acing the technology game. The fear of the use of technology, no matter how simple, was a big deterrent in me starting to blog.

Face your fears!

When you decide to pursue something -help appears. So I have been thinking about writing for a long time without a set deadline on when and what to write on, obviously. I started looking for writing workshops and chanced upon one content writing class. I thought why not explore? And the first class itself spoke about blogging at length and how to create a blog was the first practical lesson. Not that I was very happy that I was being dragged in the direction I wasn’t sure of , I decided to play along. I took it seriously and by the end of the 4th class, I was ready with wisdomizinglife.com.

Ask, and you shall be led!

Starting anything new involves answering a lot of questions and tackling a lot of confusion. Each new day brings forth a new “what” for which
searching a corresponding “how”becomes a necessity for me.

Taking one step at a time helps. Lots of choosing and decision-making goes on in the early stages. To begin with -” What should I blog on? Will people read what I write? Will I be able to keep up the pace? Will I be able to share what I think on any topic? Will people be offended? and the best one” What if no one reads my blog?”

Believe me you, I wasn’t alone having this dreadful feelings. My classmates were in the same boat and so are many first time bloggers. I know it because I read it all over the web. After all, every new thing requires sometime to find it’s feet. So just chill and focus on the core work and rest all will fall into its place.

Remember, you are not alone.

It is not important knowing everything at the first go itself. When setting up a blog, knowing a few basic buttons to write, edit, customize etc should be enough to begin with. Even if you did an intensive course on every functionality of each button, it wouldn’t make much sense to you if you do not implement it. Answer questions as they arise. Learn and implement. Move on to the next.

The fun is in beginning the work and not planing and preparing to begin!

Do write about what you feel passionate about. I know gadgets or gaming are hugely popular niches but I cannot say a word about it. So what is the point of me attempting to write about it. I once read somewhere that write about something for which you can create 100 blog posts easily. This advice makes a lot of sense. I am sure by that time we will be able to figure out a 100 more and the cycle will continue.

Be comfortable in what you wear and what you write as well !

Make a rough estimate of your topic boundaries within your niche. For me, I write on practicing wisdom in everyday life. Life is such a huge topic that it can engulf the entire earth of subjects under it. But I have restricted myself as of now on what all I am going to write about in the blog. Also, decide on the direction you want to give to your topics. For example, do I want to be optimistic or pessimistic about life? It will help you navigate across various options your blog can sound like.

Decide on your choice of topics and stick to those. At least, to begin with.

Consistency is important and it might not be easy to implement it at all times. I decided to post 5 blogs in a week -Monday to Friday. Do not ask the logic behind it, I cannot offer you any rocket science algorithm. I just thought I need to get a knack of this and what better way than to do the job again and again. So, I wrote and posted a blog for all weekdays. I did this because I thought I had the time on me. But, I did struggle on a few days with unplanned errands, mood swings, lethargy and some health issues. I would say, these excuses were quite normal, but I stuck to my commitment. Nobody was watching me and nobody was judging me, but I was.

Do stick to the plan. Just for yourself and then your readers. Expect from yourself.

If you’re to create something powerful and important, you must at the very least be driven by an equally powerful inner force. Ryan Holiday

Please don’t strive or expect to become an artist from the day one itself. Your job is to show up not necessarily in your best avatar. Some days are super and some are drag. Some blogs will be outstanding and some not so.

Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together. Vincent Van Gogh

It’s okay to be average sometimes. Focus on getting the work done. You will become better with time.

Above all, just because I decided to write a blog doesn’t mean the entire world will sit up and take notice. Nothing has changed for anybody else so do not be disappointed if the response is a mild one.

Write because you want to make a difference, even if only to one person.

I do not think expecting everyone to be happy, just because you are doing something creative, is justified. There are some who would be genuinely interested in your growth while others might not care. It’s totally alright to experience such feelings and it is only human.

I would say that I have taken a leap of faith for myself and I am absolutely glad I did it!

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before. Neil Gaiman

In the last one month, I have stayed awake at nights looking at stats on how many visitors and how many views my site has had. I think doing this is crazy but it’s also natural. I have silently thanked every person who has visited my site and taken the time to read my blog. But, I have also learnt to relax a bit.

Blogging is a journey, not a destination. It will be your companion for a long, long time if you decide to choose it to be your friend.

My experience of blogging has been pleasant so far and not so difficult. I am still not sure how is it going to make a difference in the larger scheme of things and my life but I want to give it my time and attention. I myself want be amazed at the surprises it might bring me in the future.

When we build, let us think that we build forever

– John Ruskin

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  1. Hey there Dipti, how you doing!? I just went through your blog and its totally fab, keep up this effort love and have a nice day! ❤
    Looking forward to reading from your blog more 🙂
    You have a new follower 😉


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