Choice is always binary!

She happened to visit her friend, Dolly, at a top, multi-specialty hospital yesterday. Dolly was frantic when she had called in the morning, “Mummy is not well. Her old cancer seems to have surfaced again. I don’t know what to do ?”. Being the elder of the two siblings, her brother looked up to her to make the important decisions. Dolly’s brother was 35 , not so young , but there is something about being the younger one in the family. You kind of never grow old enough.

She knew Dolly since school days and their friendship had remained strong even after all these years. It was only natural that she would visit her in her hour of need.

When she reached, Dolly was waiting to meet the doctor. He was supposed to come for his evening round and update on the further course of action. Dolly told her that lots of tests were done that day and results were to be discussed by the doctor.

Soon the doctor arrived. He was a leading specialist in the country and was quite an expert in his field, a feat given that he wasn’t that old. Say about 20 years of experience behind him.

 “Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” —John C. Maxwell

He was prepared with what he had to advise. He had already gone through the reports earlier in the day. ” There are only two options”, he said. Dolly and her brother were almost leaning forward, not wanting to miss a word the doctor said. ” The first option is that we start the treatment- aggressive treatment. Currently, the liver and the kidney seemed to be affected. If we start treatment, then we start with checking the liver and then do the kidney biopsy. It will be an aggressive course of treatment. We will move at rapid speed. Once you agree to follow this course of action, I will not tolerate any delay in taking action.” He was talking at a rapid pace as if he could almost visualize a flow chart in front of his eyes. If yes, then this and if no, then that. His confidence reflected his years of experience.

“And the second option?”, Dolly asked eagerly as if some magic was to be unveiled.

” The second option is to call it quits. ” The doctor was blunt.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Dolly’s brother was almost breaking down.

“It means that you take your mother home and let her live comfortably for as long as she can. It means that we accept the fact that she has lived a long enough life and this much is good enough. Now, we do not want to fight anymore.” The doctor stopped now as if he had reveled his entire life’s learning in this last one sentence.

“No, no, that cannot be. We cannot leave our mother in this situation”, both of them started to plead.

“You have tonight to make a choice-either all in or all out. The choice is yours. I will only do what you tell me to do. But once in, there’s no looking back”. Having said the golden words, he left.

She left the room, leaving Dolly and her brother to a serious discussion. She herself thought, ” The doctor was so right. Isn’t life about choices. Small or big, each event demands that we make a choice. The quality of our choices will ultimately determine where we end up in life. “Then why are all of us so confused and scared of decision -making ? ” she wondered.

After all, there are only two choices – All in or all out !

“Life is about choices. Some we regret, some we’re proud of. Some will haunt us forever. The message: we are what we chose to be.” —Graham Brown

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