Bad habits? Not I !

Somebody dares to ask you – ” Do you have any bad habit?” and you look around the room with your defensive mode on. You immediately reply “No way. Not I “.

In our minds, we are perfect. While this is not true, it is made plausible by supporting the claim with innumerable excuses. ” Smoking is injurious to health”, screams the warning on the top of the cigarette box. ” But, I can’t work without a fag , (at least 15 times a day). Don’t bother me, I know what I am doing.” Haven’t you heard this before ? We all have.

Too good to give up ?

This is just one thing and I am not preaching because it is not up to me or anybody to tell someone else what is good or bad, right or wrong. Aren’t we wise enough to know that already?

But, we do not wake up to fact that our habits, which reflect our choices, define our behaviors, character and finally our happiness.

“Healthy habits harbor happiness.” 
― Zero Dean

Even if you choose to be unhappy, you would definitely crave success. To win or achieve, whatever it is that matters to you, requires a deep commitment to certain strategies and actions done repeatedly.

“Winning is a habit – leadership is maintaining that habit against all odds.” 
― Amit Ray

It all comes down to basics –knowing you own self, being truthful to your self about where is it that you are going wrong, and taking steps to correct the behavior.

“The easiest thing in our life is to change our habits, if we really want to change” 
― Dr. Purushothaman Kollam

Do not postpone. Wake up to a better <a href="http:// “>habit and a better you, one day at a time!

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