Hoping on to the digital bandwagon …

To keep up with the changing times, it is imperative for India to improve its online infrastructure and increase Internet connectivity. It must also plan to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks.

Black Comedy – Free Basics | There were no rains, but there was digital equality.

The above movie is humorous critique of what happens when rural India attains digital equality without overcoming its real world problems.

It makes one rationally consider the lop -sided effects of a non-inclusive growth and aim for overall development for the betterment of all concerned.

One thought on “Hoping on to the digital bandwagon …

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  1. Real problems need real solutions. Digital is only an enabler or a tool, not the solution itself. Every tool will bring its own set of problems, which again will need to be solved. Discovery of fire was an enabler which led to easy digestion of food among other benefits. It did not kill hunger itself. However, it also meant the shelter was now prone to fire hazards.


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