When self -awareness talks…

She had been on a strict diet for the past 34 days. Yes, she remembered the exact number. This was serious business. She had been put off the weight only slightly. Two and a half kilograms to be precise. Her nutritionist suggested they try a different diet this month, ” It could bring better results”, he had said. “You can eat whatever you like for one day, but only in reasonable amounts”, she cautioned.

Extremely excited to make the most of her cheat day, she decided to treat herself to a cake & coffee date. Her heart could already feel the sweetness of the dense, velvety chocolate cake and the aroma of the filter coffee.
Little she did she realize that her mind was violently frowning at her. “Are you out of your mind?!” it screamed. She was brought back to the present moment with a jolt.

Feeling literally caught cheating by her hyper -active conscience, she brushed off the cake idea quickly. “The humble tea – biscuit would do the job”, she decided, silently cursing under her breath.

” You are over-reacting”, her heart told her, ” a piece of cake will disappear in no time. You won’t even notice!”

“Nothing disappears in this world just like that”, she spoke with confidence this time. She was glad that she caught herself in time before actually doing something which she would later regret.

” I am responsible for my actions and I do not need anyone to come and tell me otherwise,” her resolve was clear now. It came from a purpose. “This is my body, my temple and it is up to me to maintain it. After all, a fit and healthy body will serve me well in the times to come”.

Proud of her self and her objective, she left for her morning yoga session.

“You didn’t need a college degree to become one of the people who knew what was really going on. If you paid attention, you could pick things up on your own.” 
― Jeannette Walls

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