What is Life?

Life in its simplest form means being alive. If your heart is not beating, then there is no more life left in you. An objective way to define life is -as a series of events between life and death.

Is Life a marathon?

People take life to be a marathon, which is to be run and won as well. Everybody seems to be a participant in this race. People seem to be following the checklist manifesto of age versus tasks to be accomplished. School, college, job, marriage and kids. The cycle repeats itself with your kids and then their kids like a vicious one.

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive”-Elbert Hubbard

Do not want to run this race ?

What about those people who do not want to run this race or possibly do not want to keep up with the required pace? Are they to be considered failures in life?

Life then, it seems, has different meanings for different persons. Some strive for happiness in the distant future, when their goals are ticked off on the checklist while others strive to be happy in the present moment, enjoying the smallest pleasures that life has to offer.

Can you opt out ?

As with all things in life, the individual has to decide the kind of life he would like to lead and find happiness and contentment in the corresponding circumstances that will result from his choice.

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